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What is air-conditioning?

          Air-conditioning is a mechanical air treatment in an enclosed room - it means cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification, etc.

The concept of air-conditioning

       The simplest explanation for the air-conditioning system is the concept of the refrigerator. Vaporizer, which is located in the interior conditioned space, removes heat from that space, and a capacitor, which is usually located outside the conditioned space, dissipates heat. This process happens during the cooling. The functions of the vaporizer and condenser are interchanged in the process of heating; condenser removes the heat from outside and transfers it to the indoor environment through vaporizer.


Physical principle of the air conditioning is composed of processes:

  • refrigerant gas compression,
  • condensation of high pressure gas to liquid (cooling),
  • transport of fluid under pressure to the interior unit,
  • expansion to the low pressure area which is combined with vaporization
  • that means conversion of liquid to gas (heating, removing heat from the space).
  • repeated refrigerant gas-intake into compressor and its compression ...

We know two basic types of air-conditioning devices:

  • fixed-speed compressor - compressor must be constantly switching on and off  to balance the room temperature
  • compressor with a variable speeds - Inverter technology, the unit will provide only such a high-performance, that is required, resulting in power consumption reduction, noise reduction, greater durability and reliability

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