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          Cooling and freezing are processes these are used mainly in the food industry.
Food storage in the cold is in contrast with other preservation methods only method that preserves the natural taste, flavor, texture and appearance of the product.
Dried fruit, smoked meats, canned vegetables and fruits, etc.., are, in spite of a very good taste, significantly different from fresh ingredients.
Frozen food, stored in freezers, might be maintained with proper treatment without changes, with the same biological and nutritional value even several months.

          There is virtually no food group that would not being frozen today.
Cooling and freezing of food is one of the essential means of preventing losses and maintaining the required food quality on its way from production to the consumer. Food quality depends not only on the initial base material and its processing in production, but also on compliance with the conditions for transport and storage.


We provide:

  • design, projection and implementation of cooling and freezing boxes 
  • cooling and refrigeration units, including spare parts simple and combined compressor unit refrigeration circuit components - compressors, vaporizers, thermostats, fans, regulatory components ...
  • cold and freezer doors polyurethane panels