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    In these modern times most of the new houses and establishments in modern buildings need to ensure proper micro-climate controlled by forced air.
We spent up to 80% of the time in enclosed places.

    With respect to operating costs and the environment it means ventilation with heat recovery - RECUPERATION.




What is recuperation?

          Recuperation or heat recovery is a process by which is fresh supply air brought into the building getting preheated by waste air.
Warm air is therefore not exhausted to any profit through the open window, but most of its heat is transmitted through the recuperative heat exchanger to fresh supply air.
         Basically, it's the heat recovery, thus it is significant energy savings.

Recuperation efficiency
Recuperation efficiency is the percentage of waste heat reused for heating fresh air.
Efficiency ranges between 0 and 100%. In reality, however, efficiencies range from 60 to 95%.

Ventilation utilization: