- 25% on selected types of air conditioners  



Professional installation of domestic appliances

             Professional installation of built-in appliances is the condition of most manufacturers for proper functionality of the product and valid warranty.
             You no longer have to waste time looking for an expert to do install appliance and put it into operation - COLD service will professionally install any new, free-standing and built-in appliances.
In addition to transportation and professional installation of a new appliance, we also provide dismantling, removal and recycling of old non-functional appliance.


Offered services:

  • Old appliance dismantling
  • New appliance positioning and fixation
  • Connection to the distribution
  • Gas hose or cable (for cook-ranges)
  • Functional test and customer familiarization with the operation and maintenance
  • Attestation of the installation in the warranty deed
  • Transport for technician
  • Basic cleaning

Premium services:

  • Distribution hole extension
  • Gas valve replacement (for gas appliances)
  • Mounting and balancing door
  • Adjustment of hole for installation (for Cook-ranges)
  • Installation outside working hours